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The American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic (AmCham) is a leading international business association that seeks to create a favorable and competitive business environment in the Kyrgyz Republic.

AmCham represents over 80 large, medium, and small enterprises from different sectors of the economy. The Chamber promotes and protects the legitimate interests of local and international investors who have invested in the economy of Kyrgyzstan. The American Chamber of Commerce is helping to improve the business environment in the country by acting as a bridge between entrepreneurs and government agencies.

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International brand

AmCham is part of the world’s largest organization that represents the interests of the business community in more than 100 countries.

Business Opportunities

AmCham provides favorable conditions for business development both at the local and international levels.

Business Networking

AmCham members can expand their network of contacts, find business partners, investors and potential clients.

Business Promotion

AmCham members can effectively promote their products and services both within the country and in foreign markets.

AmCham Members

DSKA Engineering
Full Mobili
Food Dream
University of Central Asia
RG Brands
Asia Trade Company
ОсОО «Кант ТШП»
Finca Bank
Bank of Asia
Банк Бай Тушум
Coca Cola
Demir Bank

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Presence in 108 countries of the world
Representing the interests of over 3 million companies around the world

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Почетное консульство Дании
Чешское консульство
Посольство Украины
Институт Бизнес-омбудсмена
US Embassy
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Republic of Turkey – Embassy
Герб Кыргызстана
Investment Council
Международный деловой совет
Embassy of Swidzerland
Бизнес Ассоциация ЖИА
British Embassy