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Kyrgyz-American Association for the Development of Logistics Services

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The Kyrgyz-American Association was created in the summer of 2022 with the aim of bringing together companies and professionals who are striving to improve their qualifications, share knowledge and experience to promote the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

The mission of the Association:

Contribute to the creation of an outsourcing hub in the Kyrgyz Republic, achieve socially beneficial goals such as reducing unemployment and youth migration, professional education and retraining, employment of citizens with high salaries, coordination and consulting of entrepreneurial activities in this area.


• Development of outsourcing logistics companies in qualitative and quantitative indicators;
• Training of dispatchers and related professions, development of standards, awarding qualifications, organization of conferences and seminars for the exchange of knowledge and experience of local logisticians in American companies.

The Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, Isanova St., 42/2
+996 555 58 88 21