Board of Directors

Nazira Beishenalieva

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors – Bank of Asia

Arif Ali

Chairman of the Management Board – Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (KICB)

Furkan Aydın

General Manager – Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers

Sevki Sarilar

General Manager-Demir Kyrgyz International Bank

Nurlan Djakubov

Chief Comercial Officer/Strategy and Business Development Director – Construction Company “Avangard Style”

Asseta Krasnozhonova

Deputy Chairwoman and Chief Operating Officer – FINCA Bank

Marat Yusupov

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee – Bai-Tushum Bank

Mary Harrington

Deputy Chief of Political and Economic Section – U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic

Members of the Revision Commission

Ramil Ziyangaraev

Country Manager- Crown Agents LLC

Kubat Alymkulov

Director – Baker Tilly Bishkek LLC

Baiysh Dushebaev

Deputy Director – Grant Thornton Kyrgyzstan