AmCham Activities

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic (AmCham) is a leading international business association committed to creating favorable and competitive business environment in the Kyrgyz Republic.

AmCham brings together more than 80 large, medium and small enterprises from different sectors of the economy. AmCham promotes and protects the legitimate interests of local and international investors who have contributed to the economy of Kyrgyzstan. As a liaison between entrepreneurs and government agencies, the American Chamber of Commerce helps to improve the investment climate in the country.

Our Mission: Create a favorable investment climate in the Kyrgyz Republic, be a voice of business and a link between all stakeholders of the Kyrgyz Republic’s economic growth.

Our Vision: AmCham is the key player of public and private dialogue in creating conducive business environment and No. 1 business association in the country in advocating for the rights of entrepreneurs.

Greeting from the Executive Director

Aisuluu Sydygalieva

Executive Director

Dear members of the American Chamber of Commerce and esteemed partners,

Welcome to the official website of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of honor that I address you as the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic to express sincere respect and gratitude.

As an integral part of the global AmCham network, we take pride in playing a pivotal role as a key bridge between local and international business communities. We place special emphasis on fostering business development within a favorable and stimulating environment. Concurrently, our efforts are directed towards creating conditions to attract "green" investments and stimulating the digital and creative economy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our diverse membership, comprising over 100 companies from various industries, attests to our commitment to continuous progress. The array of participants, including financial institutions, mining companies, construction enterprises, telecom operators, consulting firms, and others, converge under the umbrella of our chamber. This multifaceted alliance empowers us to successfully contribute to comprehensive business development through:

• Effective dialogue with government bodies.
• Advocacy for business interests both within the country and beyond.
• Strengthening regional collaboration with AmCham.
• Organizing business trips to the USA, the European Union, and other regions.

My dedication to honest and transparent leadership is rooted in a strategic vision aimed at expanding the influence of our Chamber and solidifying its position as a leading business organization in the region. Nevertheless, it is crucial to underscore that our success is inseparable from the collective efforts of our members and partners. Your involvement, ideas, and collaboration are the driving force behind our shared accomplishments.

With great respect,

Aisuluu Sydygalieva
Executive Director

What does AmCham do?

Business connection and network

AmCham serves as a connecting link between businesses, policy-makers, international aid organizations and other stakeholders of the Kyrgyz Republic’s sustainable economic growth to achieve win-win solutions.

We organize:

  • B2B meetings
  • Business forums and conferences
  • Business breakfasts with Government officials
  • Business tours abroad
  • Company tours and visits
  • Committee meetings
  • Sports and social events
  • Other networking events

 Information support

AmCham provides strong information support to its members using all convenient communications means.

We keep our members informed of:

  • member-companies’ news, their products and services
  • local, regional and international business events
  • news and articles regarding finance, marketing, taxes, etc.
  • latest changes to the laws and regulations

using our regular products and channels:

  • AmCham Newsletter
  • Legal News Review
  • Emails, website, social media

and promote:

  • company news among our members and partners
  • our members’ products and services both in the country and in foreign markets
  • information on businesses and opportunities in the country to interested investors

Representation & Advocacy 

AmCham represents its members in high level public-private dialogue and organizes B2G meetings for them.


  • create effective platforms for addressing private sector challenges – round tables, conferences and forums
  • develop recommendations related to the country and sector development strategies, key government decisions, laws and regulations, and send them to policy-makers
  • raise sectoral issues and challenges based on the needs and recommendations of AmCham sub-committees

in cooperation with:

  • the President’s Office, Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and other Government structures based on the needs of our members;
  • business representatives and international organizations
  • business associations and non-profit organizations

AmCham provides learning and development opportunities

  • Trainings, seminars and webinars to improve the qualifications of companies’ employees
  • Internship programs
  • Mentorship programs
  • and more…

Promote companies, their products and services

The Chamber is an effective platform for promoting the products and services of AmCham participating companies

  • Information support using the Chamber’s information resources
  • B2B meetings
  • Tours and company visits
  • Placing company information, logos and topical news on the Chamber website
  • Posting company news in the monthly newsletter
  • Mailing of company news to the Chamber members and partners

Visas support for business tours

AmCham members can receive letters of support for obtaining visas to the USA, European Union and other countries.

AmCham Global Network

Founded in 2005, the American Chamber of Commerce is part of the largest international business organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of more than 3 million companies. AmCham cooperates with global AmCham network, which representing 117 Chambers in 103 countries all over the world.

About Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic is a country in Central Asia, with the population of over 6.5 million. Kyrgyzstan exports electricity, cotton, gold, meat, tobacco, garments, mercury, uranium, and wool. The country has a developed mining industry and clothing manufacture. According to the ranking of countries by the level of economic freedom in 2021, Kyrgyzstan holds the 78th position, which belongs to the “moderately free countries” category. In Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan ranks the second after the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking for 2020, Kyrgyzstan is at the 80th position out of 190 economies of the world.

The Kyrgyz Republic is attractive for investments in the following sectors of the economy:

  • Information technology,
  • Energy,
  • Tourism,
  • Agrobusiness.

Competitive advantages of the Kyrgyz Republic for investors:

  • Liberal legislation,
  • Transparent and favorable environment,
  • Low tax rates,
  • Qualified workforce,
  • Low cost for electric energy,
  • Low cost of living,
  • Visa-free regime for 61 countries.