AmCham in the Kyrgyz Republic

About AmCham

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic (AmCham) is the leading international business association that seeks to create a favorable and competitive business environment in Kyrgyzstan. AmCham represents over 90 companies, promoting and protecting the interests of both local businesses in the international arena, as well as of foreign companies in Kyrgyzstan. In carrying out its activities, AmCham serves as the connecting link between businesspersons, politicians and investors for the purposes of achieving win-win solutions.

Founded in 2005, the Chamber is part of the largest international business organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of more than 3 million companies.

What does AmCham do?

AmCham is active in promoting the interests of its members of the Chamber and creating favorable conditions for business development in the Kyrgyz Republic. Every month, over a thousand investors learn about AmCham member-companies on the organization’s official website. AmCham strives to develop business environment in the country through working closely with government agencies and business structures of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Organization of events for the benefit of businesses
Events by AmCham provide an opportunity to promote the interests of companies at the national level and to influence the resolution of issues in their favor.

  1. business forums, round tables, conferences;
  2. workshops and training sessions with experts on urgent business topics;
  3. business lunches with the participation of government representatives, ambassadors, business community leaders;
  4. seminars and trainings

Business Networking
AmCham periodically organizes various activities, through which its members can expand their network of contacts, including senior managers and top company officials, as well as find business partners and potential investors. Thus, the members of AmCham have an opportunity to discuss urgent issues related to business development, in both formal and informal environment (cocktail and jazz evenings, happy hours, etc.).

Promotion of AmCham members’ products and services
AmCham is an effective platform for promoting the products and services of AmCham participating companies through a variety of channels:

  • Provision of information support (publicity);
  • Publishing company information, logo and current news on the AmCham website;
  • Publishing company news in AmCham’s monthly newsletter;
  • Distribution of AmCham’s newsletter among its members and partners;
  • Provides the right to participate in the discount program – this is an effective tool for cross marketing. The discount card allows the holder to receive discounts on the services and products of AmCham member-companies;
  • Publishing company information and logo in AmCham’s annual business portfolio – the Membership Directory

Information support
Provision of information about prospective business projects in the country to the interested investors from the countries of near and far abroad. In addition, at companies’ request, AmCham shares information from the global network about the organizations and business structures in various countries. This is useful for further cooperation between companies with similar businesses in different countries.

Visa support
AmCham members can receive letters of support for obtaining business visas for the US. To do this, you need to contact the staff of the American Chamber of Commerce in KR.

The Mission

The mission of AmCham is to help improve the business climate in the country, as well as the relationships between Kyrgyzstan’s business companies and the international community. AmCham participating companies are our greatest asset. We find constructive solutions for them, protect and promote their interests, provide opportunities for development, and contribute to the prosperity of business and the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

Message from Executive Director


Dear friends,

On behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic, I would like to welcome you to our website! The American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic is part of the global AmCham network worldwide, representing the business community of both local and foreign investors.

Our international business association has been active in Kyrgyzstan for over 10 years. During that time, a lot has been achieved for the development of business in Kyrgyzstan. Yet, there are still many issues of strategic importance ahead of us to be resolved to help improve the business climate in the country, build strong business relationships with the countries of the world, and facilitate the development of Kyrgyzstan as a state with strong and stable economy.

Our international association aims to achieve just that. Our actions and activities, such as business forums, roundtable discussions, business luncheons, monthly social gatherings in an informal setting, as well as the publication of AmCham’s monthly bulletin, the “Business Insight”, are all aimed at improving the investment climate in the country and promoting business interests at both local and international levels. It is worth noting that AmCham pays particular attention to building a constructive dialogue between the businesses and the government in order to achieve common goals for the benefit of the economic development of Kyrgyzstan.

As of today, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kyrgyzstan brings together more than 90 member companies, including small, medium and large businesses. Among them are financial institutions, mining companies, mobile operators, FMCG-companies, consulting firms, advertising agencies, and others. Thanks to such wide diversity of sectors covered, we are able to be effective in tackling multi-faceted tasks for the benefit of business environment development across the board.

You may ask, what role does our organization play in this? Besides the fact that we act as a link between businesses, public authorities, and the international business community, we also provide a platform for the discussion and resolution of urgent issues. In addition, we provide access to the needed resources and information, and are always open to ideas and innovations coming from our members. We help find potential partners and investors, render advisory services and provide up-to-date information, which affects the development of your business.

I am certain that we can be useful to one another and, working in concert, will be able to reach new heights and intended objectives.


Zarina Chekirbaeva
Executive Director

AmCham Staff

Zarina Chekirbaeva

Zarina Chekirbaeva

Executive Director

Aizada Osmonalieva

Aizada Osmonalieva

Administrative Manager

Stalbek Toktomambetov

Stalbek Toktomambetov


Natalia Mashirbaeva

Natalia Mashirbaeva

PR & Membership Development Manager

Malike Alenova

Malike Alenova

Event Manager

Temirlan Tagaibaev

Temirlan Tagaibaev

Legal Intern

Asel Fakerdinova

Asel Fakerdinova

Chief Accountant

Ilias Aidar

Ilias Aidar

IT Director

Board of Directors

About Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic is a country in Central Asia, with the population of over 5 million. Kyrgyzstan exports electricity, cotton, gold, meat, tobacco, garments, mercury, uranium, and wool. The country has a developed mining industry and clothing manufacture. According to the ranking of countries by the level of economic freedom in 2015, Kyrgyzstan holds the 82nd position, which belongs to the “moderately free countries” category. In Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan ranks second in the rankings, next to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the Doing Business 2018 ranking, Kyrgyzstan received 70th position. According to the study, Kyrgyzstan

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