Business Insights

Business Insight
Official Newsletter Issue#52,
November-December 2021
AmCham Newsletters, November-December 2021, EN.pdf

In this issue:

  • Meeting of American Chamber of Commerce in Kyrgyzstan with representatives of the US Department of Commerce
  • American Chamber of Commerce took part in the First European Union-Central Asia Economic Forum
  • The third StrategEast State and IT Eurasian Forum with the Lead topic: Development Through Collaboration
  • The regional AmCham initiative: the American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan visited Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic and the American-Kyrgyz Business Association
  • The first meeting of the Working Group within the project “Development of Business and Support of Entrepreneurship Through Dialogue”
  • The first meeting of the Anti-Corruption Business Council of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • American Chamber of Commerce together with the U.S. Embassy Bishkek held the “AmCham Mentors Club” III Round opening ceremony
  • Discussion of the Kyrgyz Republic Cabinet of Ministers Plan “On measures to implement the National Programme for the Development of the Kyrgyz Republic until 2026”
  • Business-lunch with the Presidents of the Eurasian Economic Commission
  • Kant TSP facade products gain popularity in neighboring countries
  • Coca-Cola Kyrgyzstan launched social entrepreneurship project
  • Bis middle and high school sports day
  • The Third Open International Public Procurement Forum on “Increasing the Transparency and Efficiency of Public Procurement”
  • Calendar of BiExpo International Specialized Exhibitions for 2022
  • Activity of “PREMIUM DEVELOPMENT” construction company in 2021
  • Prize promotion for small and medium businesses!
  • New method for instant money transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan on Kompanion wallet!
  • Financial Chain Corporation expanding
  • Naryn Centre for Entrepreneurship to Create Jobs for Youth

Business Insight
Official Newsletter Issue#51,
September-October 2021
AmCham Newsletters, September-October 2021, EN.pdf

In this issue:

  • Discussion of the Medium-term Development Programme of the Kyrgyz Republic 2021-2026
  • Aktilek Tungatarov met with Nathan Lysons, Counsellor (Commercial) and Senior Trade Commissioner
  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in the meeting with Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Ulukbek Maripov with the Vice President of EBRD
  • The delegation of Kyrgyz Republic visited the International Financial Center “Astana” (AIFC)
  • American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Bishkek announce the launch of the 3rd round of AmCham Mentors Club Project
  • Project “Business promotion and entrepreneurship empowerment through dialogue”
  • Freedom Finance Europe receives direct membership in Euroclear Asia Day Festival 2021
  • Opening of the 3rd store FERMA market franchise and implementation of the Kopia project
  • Lead the Way to New Victories with Herbalife Nutrition!
  • Visa Platinum from Bai – Tushum bank
  • A representative of Tinkoff Bank’s IT team spoke in Bishkek
  • Demir Bank took part in the E-COMMERCE EXPO 2021 forum, as well as in the Snow Leopard Run marathon.
  • The U.S. Administration issues new rules for travel to the U.S.

Business Insight
Official Newsletter Issue#50,
July-August 2021
AmCham Newsletters, July-August, 2021, EN.pdf

In this issue:

  • The first meeting of the Anti-Corruption Business Council
  • Aktilek Tungatarov met with Chairman of the Cabinet Ulukbeka Maripov
  • Aktilek Tungatarov met with the United States Chargé d’affaires in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The Minister of Economy and Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, Akylbek Zhaparov, met with representatives of the business community to discuss the draft law on the introduction of a regime of emergencies in the economy
  • Round table on Problems and Solutions for Improving Commercial and Administrative Dispute Resolution in the Kyrgyz Republic»
  •  Does business have to pay for regulatory mistakes of the State?
  • Beeline lunches free IT and programming training
  • IB Diploma Results
  • Two Freedom Holding Corp. Subsidiaries Assigned ‘B/B’ Ratings; Outlook Stable
  • KICB and AUCA signed memorandum on cooperation
  • Instant money transfers from Russia directly to Kompanion e-wallet

Business Insight
Official Newsletter Issue#49,
May-June 2021
AmCham Newsletters, May-June, 2021 EN.pdf

In this issue:

  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in a meeting of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic with Kyrgyz entrepreneurs on the issue of restoring Batken
  • AmCham members visited the farm “EcoFerma”
  • AmCham shared the results of a survey on the impact that the pandemic caused to the business of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in the TV show «Иш күндүн кечи» (Hard Day’s Night)
  • Closing ceremony of the second round of the AmCham Mentors Club project was held
  • AmCham team met with representatives of the political and economic affairs department of the US Embassy in the KR
  • Nurzat Aidaralieva, HR Director of Coca-Cola Kyrgyzstan, held a seminar on “Staff Motivation” for AmCham members
  • The article of the AmCham BOD Chairperson Nazira Beishenalieva “Capital security in Kyrgyzstan is the Achilles heel of State policy”
  • AmCham Membership Satisfaction Survey Results
  • AmCham 2025 Strategic Vision was disscused
  • Open days for participants “Girls in Science” project in the Bank of Asia CJSC
  • Bishkek International School: 10th Anniversary Show
  • DemirBank: current and innovative products
  • Kompanion Bank supported affected citizens in Batken region
  • Green Light engineers have been certified on Cisco Meraki solutions
  • Crown Agents delivers over 1,3 mln COVID-19 vaccine doses around the world
  • Bai Tushum is recognized as the Best Internet Banking according to the Digital Forum 2021 SME Banking Club research among the Internet banking services of Kyrgyzstan
  • Grant Thornton. Effective use of audit innovation
  • Welcome AmCham new members!

Business Insight
Official Newsletter Issue#48, March-April 2021
AmCham Newsletters, March-April, 2021, EN.pdf

In this issue:

  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic on the recovery of Batken region
  • AmCham members visited the “Kara-Bulak’’ eco-resort
  • The mentees of the AmCham Mentors Club project visited Bai Tushum Bank
  • AmCham and the Public Charity Foundation “Elim, barsynby?!” signed a Memorandum of Cooperation
  • A two-day training for mentees and mentors of the AmCham Mentors Club program was held
  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in a meeting with Almambet Shykmamatov
  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in the meeting of Prime Minister of the KR with representatives of business associations
  • Meetings of the AmCham Board of Directors were held
  • Aktilek Tungatarov took part in the meeting of partners of the UCA
  • Meeting of the Committee on Entrepreneurship Development and Investment was held
  • Meeting of the Committee on Innovation, Digital and Information Technologies was held
  • Training on career planning and development and basics of labor legislation was held
  • Implementation of a joint AmCham and CIPE project on Anti-Corruption Legislation and Business Ethics
  • KICB together with partners planted more than 14 000 seedlings
  • 556,136 ounces of gold produced at Kumtor in 2020
  • Bank of Asia CJSC offers an update deposit line
  • Freedom Holding Corp. Stock Joins the IBD 50 ETF
  • Green Light became a member of the first Association of IT companies in Kyrgyzstan KSSDA
  • Ferma Market – Business with Soul
  • Lights Creative Group has implemented several projects at once
  • Business Assistant has developed a service for training, adaptation, and recruitment of accountants
  • Herbalife Nutrition’s unique information resource for people who fast during Ramazan
  • BIS is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity open to all students who finish Grade 9 or Grade 10 in May 2021
  • Kreston took part in a charity giveaway
  • Air conditioning systems from ElmirLink
  • Premium Development construction company, in partnership with MNS Holding, presents a new joint project – “Delovoy” Business Center
  • Grant Thornton: How effective communication can safeguard your reputation?
  • Welcome AmCham New Members