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Electro Complex LLC

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The company “Electro Complex” is a modern, dynamic developing company in the electrical industry. The activities of our company are easy to read in its name:

Electro – we work in the distribution of electrical products, we use modern and innovative technologies.

Complex – at the heart of our work is an integrated approach, professional solution of the problems of completing electrical equipment for construction, industrial and household objects in a single design key. Since 2001 the company “Electro Complex” is a solid bridge between well-known manufacturers and end consumers, and has already managed to win the high trust of both parties. We can claim to be leaders in our industry.

Our partners are the largest manufacturers from Turkey, Russia, China, and EU countries:

  • LEGRAND is a French company, a manufacturer of products electrical applications, as well as solutions for electrical and information networks.
  • VIKO by PANASONIC is a Turkish company. Products – group sockets and switches. Acquired by the company Panasonic in 2013.
  • LLC “TOMSKCABEL” is the largest Russian cable plant products.
  • CARKIT KABLO – Turkish cable conduit plant products.
  • “TEPLOLUX” CCT (Special Systems and Technologies) is the leader for the production of underfloor heating and cable heating systems.
  • EKF is a Russian manufacturer of electrical products.
  • CHINT is the largest electrical manufacturer in China and many other.

We have a long, trusting relationship with all partners. We have been cooperating with most of them for 10 years and more. And we are exclusive distributors.

All products have international certificates