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Dinner with Mentors within the Framework of the Project “AmCham Mentors Club 3”

On April 18, AmCham team held the Dinner with the mentors within the framework of the project “AmCham Mentors Club 3” with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

At the meeting, the mentors shared their experience of working with their mentees, discussed plans and exchanged ideas and recommendations for the further implementation of the project. Within the program together with the mentors, a number of interesting and useful events will be organized for both mentors and mentees.

Want to thank Jamilya Imankulova, one of the leaders in the consulting industry, as well as the development of the organic movement in the Kyrgyz Republic, for the interesting presentation for mentors on topic “Lessons of Mentorship”.

American Chamber of Commerce thank all the mentors of the project for their efforts and invaluable contribution to the development of youth of the Kyrgyzstan!