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SEZIMTAL School of inclusive education


“SEZIMTAL” is a non-profit public school of inclusive education, providing knowledge for children with developmental standards, children with disabilities, intellectual and emotional-behavioral development (Delayed Psychological Development, Delayed Psycho-Speech Development, mental retardation , socio-pedagogical neglect, other mixed disorders – ASD, s. Down). And also with learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia). The school’s philosophy is based on inclusion, where any child has the right to education and acceptance by society.

The founders are representatives of countries – Kyrgyzstan, USA. In this regard, educational programs for students are varied and interesting, as they include the most proven and effective methods of advanced countries. Reception of children is from 5.5 to 16 years. The objectives of general education are training, education and development of students, their mastery of general educational and reading, writing and numeracy skills. There is a development of cognitive activity, elements of logical thinking. The school has organized a special environment for the formation of socialization and adaptation skills, which leads to further integration into society.

The teaching takes into account the educational needs, abilities and condition of each child, which helps in drawing up an individual educational route. In the school of inclusive education “SEZIMTAL” there are all the necessary subjects in the field of education. Adapted, modern programs are used: TEACCH, ABA, FBA, PBI, DTT, Teach town and more. In the field of art therapy, Japanese techniques and techniques are used. For educational purposes, the mentality and cultural heritage of our people is taken into account. In addition to basic subjects, the child takes additional classes in physical education as Fly Yoga,neuro yoga, exercise therapy and children’s yoga; Interactive music and dance classes. And this is the only school in the CIS countries that uses a robot to correct autism.

In the development of productive and cognitive activities help labor lessons for children and work in their own greenhouse. All classes are conducted in a fun way with elements of game therapy. This approach helps children with unformed learning activities to better understand the material. Given the various lags or violations in the development of the child, individual – correctional classes are conducted with specialists: a speech therapist, a pathologist, and a sensory integration teacher. In addition to academic subjects, SEZIMTAL takes pride in a large selection of extracurricular activities and school activities. Each student visits excursions, trips or takes part in master classes of invited guests.

Bishkek, 5th microdistrict, Mirakhimova St. 19 2
+996 312 611 546
0996 552 999 336, 0996 555 607 807