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TimelySkills – Creating Harmony in Kyrgyzstan’s IT Ecosystem

The opening of the TimelySkills Practical Experience Academy is scheduled for early June.

The aim of establishing TimelySkills was to bridge the gap between the education received in universities or courses and the actual industry requirements from employers by providing comprehensive practical training and real-world experience in working with businesses.

TimelySkills is the path that will help young and promising graduates of universities and IT courses gain practical skills in areas such as front-end, back-end, database, and QA.

The training programs of TimelySkills have been developed by experienced professionals from leading IT companies in Kyrgyzstan, including “TimelySoft” and “Kanda CA,” as well as experienced instructors from universities across the country, including AUCA, KRSU, and KSTU. Among them are Andrey Gurinov, a professor at AUCA, and Artem Belyaev, «Excellence in Education of KR» and the Regional Contest Director of ICPC NERC Kyrgyzstan.

This ensures high-quality education and the relevance of the knowledge imparted.

The practical experience that students will gain at the TimelySkills Academy will enable them to effectively solve real-world problems and be prepared for any challenges in their future careers.

As a result of their training, graduates will become confident and experienced professionals who can stand out among their competitors and make a significant contribution to the development of the company that hires them.