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How to set up secure remote work? Green Light specialists have the answer

Talking with colleagues, friends and family by looking at your device has become our new reality. Screen time according to sources, has doubled.

In the terms of a strict quarantine, organizations in an accelerated pace transfer employees to remote work. However, with the full transition to online mode, risks of theft of personal information, leaks of confidential data and other cyberattacks are rising that can cause significant damage to the organization. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right remote working tool.

When choosing it is important to pay attention to not only quality of the video conferencing, but also the safety of the platform.

Because of pandemic, the American corporation Cisco, provides free licenses for Cisco Webex for 90 days.

Cisco Webex is a single platform for high-quality video conferencing and remote collaboration.

Key benefits of Cisco Webex:

  • High quality video conferencing, presence effect: the feeling that all participants are in one room
  • No session time limit
  • Webex allows one-click joining from any device
  • The ability to share the whole screen, a single application or a document from any device
  • Record online meetings and share over email or posting a link elsewhere
  • Invite 200 participants and 1000 listeners at the same time
  • Information security of the platform. Cisco Webex is protected by end-to-end encryption, complex cryptographic algorithms are used for content protection.

Green Light as an official Cisco partner in Kyrgyzstan will help to connect Cisco Webex in your organization.

Follow the link to get free Webex license: