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Beeline Kyrgyzstan’s official stand on the COVID-19 pandemic and measures undertaken by the company during the crisis period

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the world and Kyrgyzstan, Sky Mobile is undertaking proactive measures to protect its employees and provide the biggest possible assistance to the government agencies and the population to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Sky Mobile mobile operator (Beeline TM) reports that it is operating at the same capacity, and emphasizes that its goal, as a strategically vital organization, is to provide the citizens of Kyrgyzstan with uninterrupted high-quality communication services, regardless of the challenges it faces.

Free resources to support the population in the fight against the spread of the virus

  • Beeline launched *3202 free round-the-clock COVID-19 hotlines for its subscribers, in co-operation with the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, where call center specialists answer questions from the population and forward phone calls to specialized medical institutions, thereby relieving the Ministry of Health’s main hotlines.
  • The Beeline call center also answers part of the 1227 calls – the Aid Headquarter hotline. The calls are free for everyone. This hotline is used for calls from the poor and desperate people, citizens in need and with disabilities and others who find themselves in a rather difficult situation. Around a thousand phone calls are received and processed by the call center each day.
  • Beeline has also made calls to the hotline numbers free of charge: the Control Headquarter of the Ministry of Health (0312) 660663 and the coronavirus hotline of the Control Headquarter of the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the Ministry of Health (0312) 323202.
  • The company set up a web page that contains all the current information concerning the Company offices, top-up points, FAQ and recommendations:
  • The company set up a web page containing the best offers for customers and their loved ones in the current situation, as well as all relevant information on the Company’s work:

Free international calls

  • The Company also took care of its roaming subscribers abroad by making it free of charge to call the hotlines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, and giving 1 GB of data and 30 minutes for calls to Kyrgyzstan and within the host country, so that the subscribers keep in touch with their close ones.
  • Also, from March 23 to April 5, the subscribers are provided with a package of 30 minutes per day for calls to Beeline Russia and Beeline Kazakhstan.
  • Calls to embassies in 29 countries are free of charge.
  • Additionally, from April 6, 2020, Beeline provides subscribers who roam for more than two days with a free package of 100 MB and 5 minutes for incoming/outgoing calls to Kyrgyzstan, as well as outgoing calls in the host country.

Free mobile communication and zero traffic

  • Until the end of the State of Emergency, all Beeline subscribers with zero balance will be given 10 free minutes a day for calls within the network.
  • To provide support to teachers and schoolchildren, Beeline provides free traffic to the designated educational channels and web sites, necessary for keeping up with the school curriculum. BeeTV app traffic used for educational channels (Ilim Bilim ELTR, Balastan KTR, ELTR, Pyramid, Channel 5) and data-traffic used for e-learning sites ( kg,,,,,,,,, will be free of charge.
  • To support officials and volunteers (observation doctors, the Control Headquarter staff, law enforcement, etc.), the Company provides targeted free mobile communication services upon request.
  • BeePlay (Amediateka) entertainment portal has been made free of charge for 14 days.

Uninterrupted communication and 24/7 service

  • All of the company services have been put on high alert to ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock communication throughout the country. The Company has deployed 60 additional 4G base stations in the busiest locations. Necessary setting activities and additional equipment installation works are carried out on a daily basis.
  • field teams were created for topping up balances and selling SIM cards (carried out by company employees in protective gear).
  • The company sales offices continue their work wherever possible. Some offices operate in “window” mode. The actual office hours are on Also, nine new points of sale were organized in Frunze hypermarkets in Bishkek. For the protection of employees, all the necessary PPE is in place, following all the requirements of the Ministry of Health: hand sanitizers, masks, thermometers. Rooms are disinfected regularly. Some employees have been moved to remote work.
  • e-wallet continues functioning. It is used to make online payments for utilities, Internet, mobile communications, delivery services, as well as to fill out an electronic route sheet, if necessary.
  • The company provides customer service via +996 220 061 100 WhatsApp messenger number. The necessary round-the-clock information on issues of mobile communication services, as well as information on the prevention of coronavirus and fake news warnings, can be found on the company’s social network pages.

The company operates as usual and maintains its previous volumes, although the majority of its employees are now working remotely. This has to be done to protect them against the risk of infection with viruses and SARS. Working remotely does not affect the quality of the services provided by the Company.