BiAst – New solutions in construction


BiAst Ltd offers collapsible block containers – effective solution to accommodate people in remote locations.

Standard sizes: 6058х2438х2960(h)мм makes 14,77m2. Inside height is 2 300mm.

Easy to extend by attaching blocks one-to-one or one-above-one.


– sandwich-panels 80mm, RAL 9003, metal 0,45mm


– metal 960х2050мм, RAL 9003, insulated.


– PVC 1160х1150(h), swing-out


– electric shield

– lighting

– double sockets;

– switches;

– open wiring VVGng (3×1.5, 3×2.5) in PVC cable channels;


– electric convector;


– natural through windows

Extinguishing: fire extinguisher OP-4 – III degree of fire resistance.

Warranty period: – 12 months

Price: 360 000 som per unit incl. 12% VAT ex-works Bishkek. Discounts on quantity.

Delivery to the site and installation are available at additional cost.

Payment terms:

Prepayment 70%, remaining 30% – during 3 days after written notice of the products readiness.

Production terms: 20 working days.

This offer is valid till 30 Oct.2019.