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Mayram Sultanova and Daniel Tairov are the participants of the “AmCham Mentors Club” shared their impressions of the work with the mentor Maksatbek Ishenbaev

Maksatbek Ishenbaev, Chairman of the Management Board, General manager of Bank “Bai-Tushum”, is a mentor of two mentees: Mayram Sultanova, a sophomore at the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Science, the Information technologies faculty and Daniel Tairov, a senior in AUCA, Software Engineering faculty.

Mayram shared her impressions of working with her mentor:

“Deepening into IT Product Management field and finding work in this area was my goal in the program and Maksatbek Ishenbaev helped me with it.

In the process of working with the mentor, we decomposed the goals and began to achieve them. My favorite part of working together is discussing books about IT startups.

Mentor has helped us improve our hard and soft skills. Daniel and I also actively participated in the IT department of the bank, which helped us better understand the processes of the company, learn the culture of the bank and talk about our ideas for improving the new product.

As a result, I achieved the goal and found a job in the field of PM. At the beginning of the summer, I won a grant for the “Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit” and represented Kyrgyzstan in Warsaw.

I would like to thank my mentor for his time and AmCham Mentors Club program.”

Daniel Tairov shared his impressions:

“I am very glad that Maksatbek Beishenbekovich was chosen as my mentor because thanks to our informative meetings, fascinating conversations, and tasks for every meeting I was able to intern at a Japanese IT company and gain precious experience as a programmer.

The goals that we set with Maksatbek Beishenbekovich are being achieved step by step and it is good to know that there is a person you can rely on, share your questions, and always get a piece of valuable advice.

At the beginning of the mentoring program, I was not sure of what IT sphere I am going to work in but owing to Maksatbek Beishenbekovich’s offer to work with the IT department at “Bai Tushum” bank and my internship I am confident of my future now. I am thankful to my mentor for all the work that we have done together, the answers and advice that he shared, and for the world of business books that he has opened to me.”