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The Business Talk with Mr. Bobby Henebry

On May 4, 2018 over thirty people have attended the Business Talk with Mr. Bobby Henebry, Founder and CEO of Henebry Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting, LLC (HBCC), on the topic of “Start-ups, Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem”.

During the session, Mr. Henebry explained in detail the StartUp ecosystem in the U.S. and the definitions of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Additionally, participants learned about Satoshi Nakamoto, the History of Bitcoin and the insights on the Initial Coin Offerings (including the weird ones – CryptoKitties, Coinye, DogeCoin). Participants raised many interesting questions in regards to Cryptocurrency system for Kyrgyzstani users. Mr. Henebry stressed that the diversification and limiting exposure are among the main keys to succeeding in this sphere. Further, Mr. Henebry gave his own recommendations on best books on above mentioned topics such as Zero to One (Peter Thiel), Principles (Ray Dalio), Where good idea come from (Steven Johnson).

AmCham team expresses sincere gratitude to Mr. Henebry for his interesting and engaging presentation.