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Master-class was held for members of the Chamber on “Crisis Communication”

On June 17, 2022, a master-class was held for members of the American Chamber of Commerce on “Crisis Communication” within the framework of the project “Business promotion and entrepreneurship empowerment through dialogue” supported by the U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. ⠀

The speaker of the master class was Dr. Amiso M. George, APR, Fellow PRSA, Professor of Strategic Communication Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas USA. ⠀

During the training Dr. Amiso shared an overview of crisis communication and how leaders or management teams can harness my 4-step approach called GMER –Gauge, Modify, Execute and Review -to effectively manage whatever crisis their organizations may face. ⠀

Crisis situation disrupts the normal functions of any entity that is why it is important to demand immediate action to restore order. Every organization, institution, or country will face a crisis at some point or the other in its existence. How the crisis is handled enhances or tarnishes reputations. While crisis managers respond to the immediate crisis, a crucial part of the team is communication. Communication is essential in enabling all stakeholders to understand the crisis and know what actions to take. ⠀

The Chamber would like to thank the speaker for the useful training, as well as the participants for their participation!