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AmCham is pleased to introduce New Member — LLC “Pena”

We are pleased to introduce you AmCham new Member — LLC “Pena”

LLC “Pena” is a modern network of self-service car washes. Currently, there are 5 car washes in operation, and it is planned to complete the construction of 9 new facilities by the end of 2023.

In 2022, the company received a high rating and attracted investments worth 1 million USD.

The company has a franchise program that includes a comprehensive approach, starting from selecting a land plot, obtaining a full package of documents, design, construction, and management of the car wash.

The main beneficiary and founder of the company is Mr. Nurbek Aibashov, an entrepreneur, film producer, and philanthropist.

The company is growing dynamically and plans to enter the markets of Central Asian countries.

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