AmCham News

AmCham is pleased to introduce New Member — Nova Clinic LLC

The American Chamber of Commerce welcomes among its members Nova Clinic LLC.

Nova Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical center offering a complete range of services in the fields of health and preventive medicine, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine.

Key principles of Nova Clinic’s work:
• Health Preservation;
• Quality;
• Comfort;
• Confidentiality.

• To increase the duration and improve the quality of life.
• Nova Clinic strives to enhance effectiveness and productivity, preventing serious illnesses and strengthening patient health.

• Comprehensive range of services in one place;
• High standards of medical safety, ethics, and confidentiality;
• A unique team of practicing doctors who have repeatedly received training abroad;
• Holistic approach to the patient – considering physical, emotional, and social factors affecting well-being;
• Detect and treat internal organ and system disorders at early stages.

Welcome to AmCham!