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AmCham is pleased to introduce New Member — Tooshkan LLC

The American Chamber of Commerce welcomes Tooashkan LLC among its members.

Tooshkan LLC was founded in 2008 and currently specializes in trade, construction and pharmaceuticals. The company’s activities encompass the successful implementation of projects within the framework of government procurement and international organization tenders, providing quality goods and services.

Tooashkan offers a wide range of goods of various categories, including construction materials, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other high-quality goods. The company have established long-term partnerships with reliable manufacturers, thanks to which we provide our customers with reliable and competitive products.

In the course of its operations, the organization undertakes construction projects of various scales, including the construction of public facilities. The company offers a full range of construction services, including design, repair, reconstruction, construction of buildings and structures. They guarantee high-quality work and adherence to project deadlines.

Tooshkan LLC are proud of its experience and professionalism in the field of public procurement system. The company strives for long-term partnerships with clients and is focused on their needs.

Welcome to AmCham!