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DSKA Engineering Co.

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DSKA Engineering Co. Construction Company was founded on August 30, 2013 and registered under the number 131682-3301-OOO.

DSKA Engineering Co. is the first construction and engineering company in Kyrgyzstan, which produces a full cycle of construction of buildings using metal frame technology, including the production of metal structures, design, construction and finishing works.

In the construction of facilities, the Company uses metal structures (self-framing metal buildings, welded beams), manufactured on specialized equipment imported from the United States and Russia, using high-quality steel supplied from the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. The production line capacity is 200 tons of metal structures per month.

The Company has its own design studio, developing objects of any complexity and functional purpose. The studio uses specialized software acquired by the Company for the design and calculation work with high accuracy.

The fleet of heavy vehicles and the delivery service, disposed by the Company, solve many tasks of delivering metal structures to construction sites and conducting construction works. Delivery of metal structures is carried out in 24 hours to anywhere in Kyrgyzstan.

Employees of the Company have higher engineering, architectural education and undergo advanced training courses, certified by relevant certificates.

The Company develops construction in three areas: residential buildings, commercial real estate, large-span buildings. Since its foundation, many objects for various purposes have been built – from residential buildings of few floors, to large structures for commercial and agricultural purposes. Such companies as “IZO Penoplast”, “Kant TSHP”, “Alliance Altyn”, “Frunze” Hypermarket, “Asia Mall”, “Bonetsky Laboratory”, “Lion” chain of stores, “Tomat KG” tomato plant and many others have already become our customers.

117 Isanov/Ryskulov St.
0312 63 4444
0550 63 4444