USAID appreciated the work of AmCham project “Portal of Kyrgyz businesses”

The project of American Chamber of Commerce in KR “Portal of Kyrgyz Businesses”, initially financed by USAID, was acknowledged as successful. During existence of the Portal since October 2012 contracts between USG contracting authorities and Kyrgyz businesses were signed to the amount of more than $2,600,000. The project “Portal of Kyrgyz Businesses” showed high efficiency and project members were awarded with USAID Certificates of honor.

Now the project has expanded its work and was renamed to Portal to CAS Business that is implemented by AmCham with the support of US Central Command.
With the Portal US Central Command is intended to purchase non-military goods, produced in Central Asia. The main goals of the Portal are building business relationships between vendors of Central Asian countries and USG contracting authorities, promotion of regional competition development and support of business development. For these purposes all Portal services are delivered free of charge for businessmen of Central Asia. To know more about the ” Portal to CAS Business “, please visit the web-site.