Training on How to Do Business with USG Contracting Authorities: Afterwards

American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic together with the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) conducted training on “How to Do Business” with CENTCOM Contracting.  Businessmen and women of the Central Asian States participated in the training.  The training provided the basic knowledge needed to participate in regular tenders of CENTCOM.  Participants of the training had the opportunity to communicate with representatives of CENTCOM and ask them questions about doing business with the USG. Some of participants agreed to share their impressions about work of the training.

Sherzod Yusupov, Andarob LLC, Tajikistan

interview_zhanna– What useful information did you get from the training for your company?
– “Our company has already had experience of participation in biddings of the U.S. Central Command. We submit bids. I intentionally came from Dushanbe in order to attend the training and get useful information as much as possible and to meet with the ‘Portal’ team.
The training gives a lot of information but I already know how to fill out requests for quotation (RFQ). Nevertheless participation in the training was informative for me. I learned about the experience of companies who have won contracts of the U.S. Central Command. I adopted their practices on how to deliver goods to Afghanistan and etc.  A lot of rest of the information I had previously learned through the interactions with the website of the Portal.”
– Please specify what did you benefit hearing the success stories of the other companies who shared their experiences working with CENTCOM during the training?
– “For example, I have learnt that it is not obligatory for a representative of a company to go to Afghanistan. You can hire a transport company to deliver freights there. Besides, I met representatives of transport companies who shared with me information about cost of their services.”
– How do you think, your company will benefit from the cooperation with the U.S. Central Command?
– “Why not. Our company has a lot of experience working with international organizations. We have already been working with international organizations for the past 8 years. We work with such international organizations as OSCE, and the Aga Khan Foundation that has a representative office in Afghanistan. We have experience in deliveries to Afghanistan. Let me note also that we have the representative office of our company in Mazare Sharif.”
– And the last question. How do you estimate the work of the training?
– “Good. I liked it very much; everything was interesting. I would like to make one suggestion: it would be great if we receive a delivery notification that our RFQ was received via e-mail to be sure it reaches you or maybe there are problems with a server. In finishing, I gained a lot from the information provided in the training.”

Sanjar Zainuev, ZET Holding Trademark, Kyrgyzstan
–  What useful information did you get from the training?

– “The training gave very useful information for us. We gained a better understanding of principles and rules of working with CENTCOM-JTSCC and we the have desire to cooperate with and develop together with C-JTSCC. Last time we participated in similar training and earlier this year. We have witnessed a dynamic development of cooperation.”
– What new information have you learnt about working with CENTCOM?
-“We learnt about conditions of participation, documents necessary to participate in bidding process, registration procedure on web-sites of USG contracting authorities.
It was our pleasure to see the whole procurement process starting from announcement of bids and finishing with bids submission became more centralized for ease of access. Operation of the Portal’s web-site is a significant achievement in posting timely information, providing with explanatory materials and accessibility.”
– How do you estimate conditions of participating in bidding of CENTCOM comparing with public procurement process of Kyrgyzstan?
– “Each has their own nuances. One cannot call the public procurement process extremely difficult especially as we see significant transformations for the better in the recent two years, particularly transferring to the electronic trading platform.  If still I compare the two I can say participation in RFQ process of CENTCOM is easy and fast process.  Without leaving the office an employee receives information, processes it and submits bids/quotes during an hour. I think increases of electronic circulation of documents will bring Kyrgyz public procurement system to the similar model in future.”
– Do you think your company will benefit from cooperation with USG contracting officials and why? 
– When we participate in RFQs of the U.S. Central Command our company develops and we gain experience in participation of international procurements. We develop our production in accordance with export standards, and in general, this is good opportunity for Kyrgyz businesses to gain experience in export deliveries. Let’s not forget our country is a member of the World Trading Organization. Our country joined this organization one of first of CAS countries. This membership gives us keys to international markets and opportunity to compete with big players on equal terms. Importance of cooperation with CENTCOM is that we lay the groundwork for our future. Production development and trading in international platforms is good foundation for prosperity of the country.”
– How do you estimate work of the training?
– “Of course, information we got at the training is rich in content. We have begun to understand clearer the whole procurement and bidding process.”