Training for AmCham’s partners, November 2, 2012

On November 2, 2012, AmCham conducted training on how to register in Joint Contracting and Contingency Services (JCCS). The training was held within the framework of Portal to Kyrgyz Business Project.

Such AmCham’s partners as International Business Council, Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Kyrgyz Republic participated in the training.

Participants learnt in practice how to register in JCCS by the example of one of Kyrgyz companies. They also received information about what documents are needed to register in JCCS and what should be taken into account during registration of the Company. Participants of the training will devolve obtained knowledge to business companies interested in cooperation with USG contracting authorities in the name of CENTCOM Joint Theater Support Contracting Command (C-JTSCC).