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The Navigator Group is a group of companies, carrying out a number of versatile activities with a single goal of making the lives of urban residents brighter and more interesting! It is a dynamically developing enterprise, whose facilities provide services in various business areas.

The team consists of more than 250 people, united by the idea of developing a progressive way of life for the residents and guests of our capital. The company contributes to the future of the country by paying special attention to family values and children. The Navigator Group strives to nurture a generation of future champions, performers and artists and truly enjoy interacting with our young friends!

Each company in the family is developing steadily and possesses a unique character:

  • The Navigator cafe-bar is the flagship of the company and is a 20-year old example of running effective business processes and maintaining life-long relationships with our clients.
  • The Zolden Beer pub, Ugolok bar and Kyrgyz restaurant Yr Kese are conveniently located in the heart of Bishkek and offer delicious food and locally brewed beer.
  • The Georgian restaurant Niko, named after the artist Niko Pirosmani, as well as the Asanbay bar and gallery are based within the multi-functional venue Asanbay Center and host various events, such as children’s culinary masterclasses and large-scale concerts.
  • Rick’s American diner is located in the Ala-Archa shopping center and despite being the newest addition has gained considerable popularity amongst locals for bringing a “piece of America” to Bishkek.
  • The fitness center Life Fitness and the sports complex T-Club promote new trends in sport and inspire residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Baikhan hotel and hostel offers bed and breakfast and its friendly doors are always open, offering a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to local and international guests.

All the Navigator Group’s initiatives are proud to reflect its main philosophy of inspiring people to live a life full of fascination, creativity, energy, joy and beauty.

103 Moskovskaya Street, Bishkek
+996 (554) 889 066