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Oberon LLC was established on March 26, 1997, the founder is Baibolova Nurzhamal Satarovna. The organization is an independent and self-governing entity operating on the principles of a market economy that meets the requirements of modern business.

The main activity is the supply and sale of consumer goods, the company is also engaged in licensed construction, as well as renting of retail spaces. In 2016, the company opened a new division – a logistics center in Balykchi city.

At the beginning of its existence, the turnover of the Company was 70 thousand KGS per month; today this figure reaches tens of millions KGS.

The Company has established subsidiary companies operating directly in the markets. Oberon-Fort market is part of Dordoi – the largest trade and market complex in Central Asia, the number of containers on the market reaches more than 2,500 trading places, in which a wide range of goods is presented. Oberon market located at the address: Suerkulov str. (Orto-Sai), Bishkek city is also one of the largest retail spaces in the capital, where about 1,000 people carry out their activities.

Retail and wholesale trade in consumer goods is year-round. Renting of land plots for commercial activities under containers is permanent.

The volume of trade, which is one of the systems of goods-money relations, is influenced by the dynamics of the development of both the world economy and the trends inherent in Central Asia.

To date, Oberon LLC and its subsidiary companies provide jobs for more than 150 people and about 4,000 entrepreneurs work in the markets.

Due to employees and entrepreneurs who pay taxes, the Company’s deductions have reached today’s heights. Due to the contributions of entrepreneurs who work in the markets all year round, the flow of material resources to the budget of the Kyrgyz Republic is ensured. Oberon LLC and its subsidiary companies deducted more than 177 million KGS in taxes for 2009-2022. Also more than 43 million KGS were deducted to the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2009-2022.

The collection and processing of complete and reliable information about the activity of the Company and financial statements are conducted by Educational and Information Consulting Center LLC consulting company. All financial transactions are carried out through banks or banking institutions, the material resources of the Company are stored in bank cells, which emphasize the transparency of the Company’s activities before the tax authorities.

The Company also provides gratuitous sponsorship and financial assistance to many public organizations and socially vulnerable segments of the population, participates in cultural life and makes contribution to the improvement of Bishkek image.

Oberon LLC has opened a logistics center – Fruit storage with a capacity of 2,400 tons in Issyk -Kul region at the address: 422 Abdrakhmanov str., Balykchy city. This project was implemented in cooperation with the German company Plattenhard + Wirth GmbH, which supplies and installs equipment with a controlled environment that allows storing fruits for up to 365 days without loss of quality characteristics for wholesale of fresh and frozen fruits in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia.

In addition, this project has investment and socio-economic significance for the development of the region and the agricultural indicator of the Kyrgyz Republic as a whole.

Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, Mederova St. № 51
+996 500779727