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Crown Agents is an international development group that partners with governments, aid agencies, NGOs and companies in over 100 countries. Taking on clients’ fundamental challenges, they make lasting change to the systems and organizations that are vital for people’s well-being and prosperity.

They bring an agile and resourceful approach to complex development issues.
The company helps countries grow their economies, strengthen their health systems and improve financial management. They do this by providing consultancy and training in health systems strengthening, trade and growth, public private partnerships, public financial management and food security. Crown Agents is one of the world’s leading experts in public procurement and supply chain management, and also provides financial services to facilitate development, focusing on international payments and cash management, trade finance and investment management for donors, NGOs as well as financial institutions.

Crown Agents has worked with many client countries for many decades and are a stakeholder in their development and performance. They have 22 permanent offices in Africa and Asia and presence in another 18 through our project offices and representatives.

Crown Agents USA Inc is a subsidiary of Crown Agents Ltd, a UK limited company owned by a non-profit making foundation. The Crown Agents Foundation is Crown Agents’ sole shareholder and oversees our ethos and activities. The Crown Agents board is responsible for the company’s corporate governance. Crown Agents also has subsidiaries in the UK, Japan, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and two UK-regulated financial services companies (Crown Agents Bank Ltd and Crown Agents Investment Management Ltd).

Crown Agents was founded in 1833 and operated as a British statutory corporation for many years before being privatized in 1997.

19 Razzakov Str., room 506, Bishek, Kyrgyz Republic
+996 312 398 484