Within the Global Money Week, FINCA Bank delivered financial literacy trainings

Bishkek, April 11, 2017.


Almost a thousand people were taught financial literacy by FINCA Bank in April within the Global Money Week in Kyrgyzstan.


During the lessons “A journey to the world of finance” the trainers told the children and the adults what is personal budget, savings, financial purpose and how to reach it, how to consider, record and plan income and expenses, what are the forms of savings, types of bank deposits; they also gave examples, shared their recommendations, told about options of earning money for teenagers and told about many other interesting things.


In total, there were delivered 36 trainings across the country. 876 school students took part in 32 of them and 107 adults participated in four trainings. Thus, the total number of participants was equal to 983.


It’s noteworthy that the trainings were also provided in three orphanages and in the Child Protection Center in Bishkek.