Salary Survey 2020 by El Group Consulting


El Group Consulting introduces a tool that will help you to find answers for the hot questions:

  • How the leading companies of Central Asia are adjusting their personnel and compensation strategies under the influence of COVID-19?
  • How will return of labour migrants influence the labour market of Kyrgyzstan?
  • Which positions in Kyrgyzstan are in increasing demand and vice versa?
  • Why your leading professionals might prefer other company?
  • Where can you get all necessary labour market data to compile a quality 2021 budget?

Analysis of the Salary and Benefits Report of your sector will provide you with every detail in an accessible format.

To make the Report an effective tool El Group Consulting needs your participation in Salary and Benefits Survey 2020-2021.

Participation is free of charge and confidential. It takes little time but will be able to help the companies of Kyrgyzstan to make well-weighed decisions during crisis times.

For more details on the Survey and Salary and Benefits Report please contact Evgeniya Lujkova, Business Partner of El Group Consulting at 0222 246599, email: