CIBG Workshop “Business Leaders on Integrity in Practice”, June 26-27, 2012

The Center for Integrity in Business and Government (CIBG) of the Central European University Business School is pleased to extend this invitation for its first regional workshop for business leaders to be held in late June 2012 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This workshop is organized within the CIBG project “Integrity Education: leveling the playing field in emerging and transitional markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union” supported by a grant from the Siemens Integrity Initiative. In this project, CIBG aims to assess the current corporate efforts related to the issues of integrity and business ethics and consider prospects for the promotion of integrity and collective actions in the region through education.

The focus of the project is motivated by the fact that public corruption is a major challenge for business actors. Public corruption has a detrimental impact on the environment, in which companies operate, by distorting competition, inflating prices, limiting access to resources, and increasing business risks for companies. More importantly, corruption poses difficult ethical questions for companies when they are pressed to pay bribes or be involved in other corrupt practices; or, when corruption degrades internal corporate culture and fosters unethical conduct among employees.

The regional workshop aims to bring together business leaders from Central Asia and the Caucasus to share their experience with and vision of integrity in business. An objective is to create a platform for the workshop participants where they can express their views on:
how to promote and maintain integrity culture in their companies and in business relations with third parties;
how to deal with cases involving corrupt practices inside their companies and in relations with other businesses and the government;
what kind of knowledge and skills concerning integrity could help a fresh MBA graduate to be successful in practice.

One more objective of the workshop is to discuss potential case study contribution by regional companies, participating in jury work for best regional case study selection, and hosting interns from business schools in the region. Moreover, this workshop’s goal is to create a unique cross-cultural network of business leaders and companies committed to promoting integrity on a long-term basis.

During the regional workshop CIBG will present its Integrity Education project, its relation with and relevance for the regional companies, disseminate up-to-date findings of the project in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and engage participating companies in project activities. In particular, the results of the Global Executive Survey on integrity in the region will be presented for consequent discussion with participants. In addition, there will be a discussion of and brainstorming on how business in the region can amend, specify, and make relevant the project outcomes and recommendations for business in the region as well as how regional business enterprises could support the CIBG and its Integrity Education project.

The preliminary dates of the workshop are 25-27 of June 2012. The venue and further details will be provided in due course. Travel (economy class), meals and accommodation expenses for the duration of the workshop are covered by CIBG.

Established in 2011, CIBG aims to serve as a regional center of excellence in integrity education and bring new visibility and credibility to the field. CIBG promotes research, educational and other activities devoted to the study of integrity and corruption in the private and public sectors. Central European University is a graduate institution accredited in both the United States and Hungary, and located in Budapest. Graduate students represent more than 110 countries and study in M.A. and Ph.D. programs in the fields of business, social sciences, and humanities.