Charity campaign of assistance to Tokmok Psycho-Neurological residential care home #2


On June 19, 2019, with the support of KICB and Orion Hotel Bishkek, the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic held a Charity campaign to support the Tokmok psycho-neurological residential care home #2, instead of holding the traditional Iftar dinner.

Currently, there are 201 people with disabilities living in the residential care home, among them 63 are bedridden, 59 are crawling and the rest are walking cases aged from 18 years and older.

With the support from our members –KICB and Orion Hotel Bishkek – essential supplies were handed over to the care home: custom-ordered hand-made bread cabinet and cutting table, galvanized buckets, enameled buckets with lids, iron and plastic waste bins, and soap.

AmCham would like to thank KICB and Orion Hotel Bishkek for supporting our initiative and wishes everyone good health, happiness and peace!