AmCham launched new project “Portal for Kyrgyz Businesses” together with USAID Local Development Program

On October 1, 2012 AmCham launched new project together with USAID Local Development Program.

The goal of the project is connecting the wide range of United States’ Government (USG) contracting authorities with businesses in Kyrgyzstan. The benefits of the “Portal for Kyrgyz Businesses” include the broad dissemination of information pertinent to accessing USG contracting requirements from the capital of Bishkek and into all seven Oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

A number of USG contracting authorities are looking to procure goods and services in Kyrgyzstan but have limited information on local companies which could potentially meet their requirements. Kyrgyz businesses similarly have limited experience and knowledge on how to prepare bids for USG contracts. An underlying problem is that they lack an understanding of where, or how, to get information about requirements and in general have little overall knowledge of the procedures and guidelines associated with USG contracting authorities.

With the creation of the portal, USG contracting authorities will have a support system where they can “plug-in” and gain access to potential Kyrgyz vendors. The system will include a network of 24 Local Economic Development (LED) offices from cooperating municipalities, Kyrgyz Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) office, and a central help desk in Bishkek. A total of 26 access points will distribute and provide USG contract information and “how to” guidelines.

The project will manage the portal’s day to day activities including the development and implementation of a communications strategy to promote and advise USG contracting authorities. The project will also help Kyrgyz vendors to use the portal and its value added aspects. Training will be conducted with both local businesses and the USAID Local Development Program’s LED offices to provide basic information in applying for USG contracts.