AmCham Company Tour to KFC Restaurant


On October 1 2018, a company tour to KFC Kyrgyzstan was held within the framework of the AmCham Company Tour project for the members and partners of the American Chamber of Commerce. The tour participants were welcomed by Pavel Morozov, General Director of Food Dream LLC, and his team. Mr. Morozov spoke about the company, its goals and projects, as well as the details of the business part: for instance, that all the foodstuffs used in preparation of dishes are delivered from Russia three times a week. All the equipment, including furniture, has been brought from abroad. The participants had a unique chance to become acquainted with the technology and production equipment used at the restaurant, as well as to taste several types of chicken products. As of today, the KFC restaurant chain in Kyrgyzstan comprises KFC GUM “Chynar”, KFC Asia Mall, and KFC Orto-Sai.   The company plans to expand its network next year.

Brief information and facts about KFC: The first KFC restaurant in Kyrgyzstan was opened in July 2017. KFC is a world famous fast-food restaurant chain specializing in chicken dishes. Every day, more than 15 million guests in 125 countries visit more than 14,000 restaurants around the world. Working at KFC restaurants: the average age of employees is 23 years, i.e. members of Generation Y. To be effective, KFC makes every effort to make their needs met. The restaurant has an electronic Learning Zone training system implemented, based on the SABA platform. Each restaurant has a special room where employees can be trained. The system is cross-platform: you can learn using a phone when you are in public transportation; or at home on your home computer; or in between lectures at the university on a tablet. Each manager sees at what stage of training the employee is. The KFC restaurant chain implemented a modern interactive technology, which allows one to choose dishes from the menu on an individual terminal, bypassing the cashier’s desk, and pay there electronically using his bank card. This came as an effective solution to the problem of long lines during the peak hours and to increasing the restaurant’s serving capacity.

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Morozov and his team for the warm welcome, as well as the tour participants for their active participation and good spirits.