Our next AmCham Company Tour took place on May 18 2017 to Steppe Learning KG. Tour participants had an opportunity to learn more about DynEd program, an innovative multimedia language software from Silicon Valley, DynEd methodology with interactive demo classes and the level of their English language by taking the DynEd Placement Test. In addition to this, tour guests learned about the social projects implemented by Steppe Learning for children with disabilities and from rural schools.


One-month certificates for free English language courses were awarded through the lottery to representatives of Elite House, Bank Kompanion and Deloitte.


We sincerely thank AmCham Company Tour participants for their active participation and Steppe Learning KG for organizing a great tour!



Steppe Learning KG offers unique English-language courses using DynEd’s approach ( for schools, high schools, universities, companies and individuals. DynEd is an award-winning multimedia courseware for learning English. Compared to traditional methods, DynEd places greater emphasis on building listening and speaking skills before reading and writing. Originating from the USA in 1987, it is now currently used in about 50 countries and approved by several Ministries of Education such as in France, Turkey, and Mongolia etc. DynEd clients are airlines, mining companies, banks, 5 star hotels, media holdings, leading universities and other institutions.