AmCham Company Tour to KTRK


On March 15, 2018, within the framework of “AmCham Company Tours”, members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the KR have visited the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation of the Kyrgyz Republic (КТРК). During the tour, participants learned about the history of domestic TV and radio broadcasting and witnessed the workings of “ZhashStan” reality show. Additionally, the tour participants saw the whole complexity of video recording, video editing, the works of TV presenters, as well as the work of a large number of employees behind the scenes. For example, a total number of 17 employees is needed when preparing a TV presenter for the show. During the meeting with the General Director of KTRK, Ilim Karypbekov Mayrambekovich, the participants learned about the structural changes and new working processes of KTRK since 2015. Mr. Karypbekov explained in detail Corporation’s sources of income, preparatory work for celebration of KTRK’s 90th anniversary and positive changes that happened after Corporation built a new open space office at its Administrative building. Further, it was stressed that one of the main goals of KTRK’s Strategy for 2017-2019 is to gradually achieve financial independence from the country’s budget. Tour participants also learned about the changes in KTRK TV family – all channels are now switched to the round-the-clock broadcasting. Since March 19, 2018, the First Public Channel, Madaniyat-Tarykh-Til, Music, KTRK Sports, Balastan are now available to viewers 24 hours a day. Corporation’s recent changes are very impressive and we sincerely hope that the plans for 2018-2019 will be implemented successfully. The American Chamber of Commerce sincerely thanks Ilim Mayrambekovich for the warm welcome and dedicated time for representatives of AmCham member companies and wishes to achieve the goals! Our team also expresses its gratitude to Adel Laisheva, the head of the Republican Educational Center for Media Communications, for the best and most interesting organization of the tour to KTRK!