“How to create and monetize video content on YouTube?”

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On October 27, 2019, a workshop for the members of the American Chamber of Commerce and alumni of programs funded by the US Government (USG programs) on the topic “How to create and monetize video content on YouTube” was organised by AmCham. Beeline generously hosted the event at its beautiful HQ office.

The speakers included AmCham members who hold YouTube gold and silver buttons: the founder of Lights Creative Group animation studio, Nurlan Mirzamatov (1 gold and 7 silver buttons), the founder of the Saratan Animation studio. Malik Osmonov (6 silver buttons) and the founder of YouKids studio, Almazbek Temirbaev (1 gold and 2 silver buttons).

Speakers shared their current and planned projects of animation studios, talked about the history of their company, noted the importance of the quality of content and team cohesion. The speakers also noted that the community of YouTubers in Kyrgyzstan is united and its representatives work together on the development of this industry in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, one of the keys to success is the support of colleagues from other animation studios.

AmCham would like to thank the speakers for their interesting and useful presentation, as well as the guests of the event for their active participation!