Kant TSP LLC is the only enterprise in the Kyrgyz Republic involved in the production of chrysotile and fiber-cement products of high quality located in the Chui Valley, 22 km to the North-East from the capital city of Bishkek. The company is in the Top 10 rating of largest taxpayers in the industrial sector.


The production of construction materials was launched in 1967 by 3 technological lines. In 2015, Kant TSP LLC carried out a large-scale modernization of facilities and installed production lines for the production of innovative products in the construction industry – fiber-cement slabs, fiber-cement sidings and cement-sand roof tiles.  At present, Kant TSP LLC successfully develops production of modern roofing and facade materials that meet the highest requirements of modern architectural standards. Each type of product is approved by a Governmental Certificate of Compliance.


Products Kant TSP LLC:

  1. Chrysotile cement pipes
  2. Chrysotile cement roofing sheets
  3. Colored roofing sheets, painted on the Italian equipment.
  4. Fiber cement flat sheets
  5. Fiber cement siding
  6. Earthquake resistant facade slabs in diverse color palette
  7. Cement sand roof tiles manufactured as per Japanese technology


East Industrial Zone, Kant, Issyk-atinsky District, Chui Oblast, Kyrgyz Republic
+996 (312) 616 990