New AmCham member – Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte provides its clients with a full range of audit, enterprise risk management, consulting, financial advisory, tax and legal services. Our international resources and experience allow us to provide high-quality services for both local and international companies. Our local and foreign specialists consider local conditions when providing services which meet the highest international standards.

Member firm clients include more than 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies as well as large national enterprises; public institutions; locally important clients and successful, fast-growing global growth companies.

With more than approximately 169,000 people in over 140 countries, our professionals deliver seamlessly integrated multi-disciplinary services wherever our clients operate. Deloitte serves global companies, national companies, governmental bodies, locally- significant companies and fast-growing private companies. The global reach of our firm provides our clients with access to a powerful network of industry specialists and technical experts, supported by cutting edge technology and training. They are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients in all professional areas listed above.

Our services
Deloitte CIS offers its clients from Russia and the CIS a broad range of audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services.

We provide accounting assistance and internal control advice, help to convert companies’ financial statements, conduct due diligence, implement accounting systems, and perform statutory and international audits (IFRS, US GAAP and Canadian GAAP), as well as audits in accordance with Russian standards.

Tax and Legal
Deloitte provides a variety of tax and legal services, including the structuring of investments and tax compliance.

Corporate Governance
We will assist you with the implementation of the corporate governance system in compliance with all Russian and international standards. Our proprietary internal control mechanisms will ensure solid protection of shareholders’ rights, as well as, assistance in access to capital markets.

The Deloitte Consulting Department offers effective and reliable individual solutions that add value to your business. Deloitte’s specialists will help you with integration, implementation of innovative technologies and improvement of day-to-day management of your business. We will develop for you new market segments entry strategy and take you through the process of implementing the corporate governance system.

Enterprise Risk Management
We provide advice services that help our clients in managing their risks arising at different stages of the business lifecycle from start-up through maturity, including strategic, operational, financial, and reputation risks. We pay special attention to the business strategies pursued by our clients and are ready to provide services tailored to their needs. We offer practical solutions that help identify and measure risk factors, and assess the gap between the existing systems and processes and technical requirements, thus achieving the operational excellence.

Financial Advisory
Deloitte offers a variety of financial services that address various financial issues, adding value to the clients’ business and supporting their sustainable growth.

IPO Services
The rate of companies going public has skyrocketed over the past two years.
Firms need new capital to support growth, whether in infrastructure, core business development, or M&A.

Company Transformation Services
Practically every firm has been affected by the global financial crisis in one way or another. The most adversely-affected are facing bankruptcy, whereas others are now well-positioned to make acquisitions. Whatever your situation, we can help your business with our restructuring services. We have a wealth of both global and local experience, attained through numerous company transformation projects in a wide variety of industries.

Additionally, we are able to stabilize your business’ situation, attract new financing or dispose of assets, and implement the steps necessary to turn your business around.
For financial institutions, the main priority is understanding their borrowers’ financial state and how realistic their business plans and cash flow projections are. This understanding is then the starting point for any loan negotiations, business restructuring or decisions on disposal of collateral. Deloitte CIS is well-equipped to assist businesses in such situations, as it has been successfully working with many banks and their clients across the region.


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