Reaping the security advantage: Talking to bank CEOs

Konstantin Aushev, Head of IT Advisory, KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


“I am pleased to present for your attention the third article from the series of global KPMG’s publications, which is based on the survey of CEOs of 120 banks. The author of this article entitled “Reaping the security advantage: Talking to bank CEOs” is Bia Bedri, Cyber Security Partner (Financial Services), KPMG in the UK.

In the article we have raised the issue of cybersecurity, which has become quite urgent in our region as well, especially from the last year. Both the global and Kazakhstani financial organisations, including inter alia not only the major banks, as was the case before, keep increasing, from year to year, their cybersecurity expenses. Meanwhile, as the article describes, certain steps to ensure the cybersecurity do not require high investments.”


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