«Aeroflot – Russian Airlines» presents the Program of Corporate Loyalty

Dear members and partners of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic,


«Aeroflot – Russian Airlines» has the honor to present to your attention the Program of Corporate Loyalty.  Every time your employees choose to fly with Aeroflot, their participation in this program will help the company to benefit and save costs. The Program of Corporate Loyalty may be used both for corporate and private purposes.


The registration is convenient. As you register the company in the program, a special code will be assigned to the company and sent to the registrant. This code needs to be mentioned with every booking in order to earn miles. As the total amount spent for air tickets reaches 300.000 Rubles, you could start to use the points by paying partly or fully for the next trips. If the employee participates in the individual Aeroflot Bonus loyal program, he/she will continue to accrue miles as before.


Please follow the link to learn more details about the Program of Corporate Loyalty and register your company: http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/special_offers/program_description_agents