Sonora was established in 2000 and started its activities by exporting wool and cotton from Central Asia to Europe and the Baltic States. As our demand for transportation and logistics services grew, the Company began to develop in a wider scale and became a full-service transportation and logistics company.


Nowadays, Sonora is one of the most reliable and important transportation and logistics companies in Latvia and Central Asia, with over 15 years of experience in professional operations around the world.


Constant and dynamic development in the European, Central Asia and CIS countries, loyal and professional team, individual approach to each client – are the values on which the reputation of Sonora is built.


“You concentrate on the core of your business and its development, and allow Sonora to take care of the “safe&sound delivery” of your freights to a desired destination”.-Sonora

BC Russia, Razzakov str. 19, 9th floor, room 902