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Mr. Kokot has been working as an independent international consultant with 15+ years of experience, with a decade worth of successfully implementing complex ICT systems in the government. His areas of expertise include foreign trade Single Window information systems in several countries, management information systems (MIS), client relations management tools (CRM) and ERP systems. For larger projects, Mr. Kokot is part of a successful team of local and international ICT and business analysis professionals.

In addition, Mr. Kokot is a corporate governance specialist, specifically, in successfully implementing good governance practices in governmental agencies. He has accumulated a number of success stories in rescuing and turning around distressed international donor projects. Often, large international projects suffer from a disconnect due to differences in expectations, local business cultures, and other factors. Getting project teams in a deadlock with the local counterparts is an unfortunate reality for many consultancy firms, dramatically affecting both project implementation and the bottom line.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
+996 (707) 950 030