The Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic

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It has been 24 years since the United States Peace Corps opened in the Kyrgyz Republic in 1993 with an official country agreement signed between the governments of the Kyrgyz Republic and the United States of America. Since that time, more than 1,100 Peace Corps Volunteers have helped over 100,000 people learn English, develop management and leadership skills, engage in community projects and build healthy lifestyles. The government-to-government agreement establishes the principal worksites of Volunteers as secondary schools, higher academic institutions, municipal and non-governmental, health, community organizations, and small and medium-size business organizations. The generations of Volunteers that have served the country have also carried out successful projects in teacher training and youth development. These Volunteers helped strengthen community participation by teaching teachers advanced teaching methods and promoting critical thinking, leadership, project planning and implementation, gender education, computers and Internet technology. Volunteers work closely with their local counterparts. By working in both rural and urban communities, the Peace Corps is able to maximize its potential across the Kyrgyz Republic.

Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic has two core projects and a cross-cutting project on small grants:

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language Project
  • Community Youth Development
  • Small Grants for Community Development

Upon arrival to Kyrgyzstan, all Volunteers receive technical training and language learning, Kyrgyz or Russian, according to where they will be assigned, and study Kyrgyz culture. Leaving Kyrgyzstan, they take with them a piece of Kyrgyz culture and share it back in US.


304 Chokmorov Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720010
+996 312 65 04 94